About Your Transgender Co-Worker

Getting along in the workplace is essential, especially in this fast paced world that relies on teambuilding and flexibility. In the course of the workday, you will undoubtedly work with people from different races, ethnicities and sexual orientation. It is important to know about how to treat all of your co-workers, including your transgender co–worker. not only to show sensitivity toward a fellow employee, but because it is specified in workplace law in many states.

According to the ACLU website, many US States, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and the District of Columbia, have specific laws in place to bar discrimination against transgender people when it comes to housing. Many cites have also adopted laws to protect transgender individuals when it comes to equal opportunities for health care, housing, and employment.

Aside from the legal mandates, it is important to always treat your transgender co-worker the same as you would any other fellow employee. That means not advertising their status to your curious friends so they suddenly find reasons stop by your shop or office to “have a look” at the transgender person, as if he or she were on display. Also rude is watching to see which restroom they use, following them in to “sneak a peek” or asking questions about their sexuality that would be obviously be inappropriate if they were not transgender.

Avoiding your transgender co-worker is just as wrong as inappropriate interaction. Avoiding teamwork where you will come into contact with this person is unacceptable, whether stated outright or implied by making excuses or hastily requesting transfer to another project or division of your company.
The most important thing to remember is to relax and just treat your transgender co-worker as you would anyone else. Don’t be afraid to share ideas, and it is not required to sensor every word out of your mouth like “female” or “male”. If you approach this person with an attitude of camaraderie and good will as you would anyone else in your workplace, all will go well.

We all have our workplace personalities. Some co-workers are bubbly and inherently friendly to all in the workplace. This is the person or group who organize showers, going away parties and seem to have a bakery on call to produce a cake when someone has a birthday. Conversely, there are some workers who just punch in and out, and are pleasant, but whether due to family life at home or just their personality, don’t really engage in Friday’s happy hour. If that is your workplace personality, you do not have to fake a phony smile and fawn all over the co-worker. It will seem artificial, as it is artificial, and the transgender person, having perhaps been well used to discrimination, will be able to sniff out your phoniness a mile way. Treating someone different for any reason is discrimination, so don’t alter your normal workplace attitudes or routines.

Your transgender co-worker only wants to be treated like everyone else, nothing more or less.

Workplace Practices That Promote LGBT Tolerance

There has been major improvement in the LGBT workplace equality, however, that does not change the fact that many members of the LGBT community fear going into work every day and losing their job just over the fact of who they love. There is no federal law yet that protects LGBT individuals from becoming discriminated against in their employment. Mercer Plumbers, a plumbing business in central New Jersey, has put several of these practices into places to promote workplace tolerance and acceptance. There have been multiple studies that have proved that around 40% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals have been discriminated in the workplace. There have been reports of 90% of transgender individuals being discriminated. This type of discrimination not only hurts the member of the LGBT community, but it hurts the businesses as well. The US economy could save up to $9 billion annually if these businesses were more accepting and offered benefits to those that are being discriminated for their sexual preferences. There are many in the workforce that are willing to make this turn around but it needs the help of everyone.

One of the first things to do to promote a better workplace would be to set policies for the LGBT community. These policies will result in less discrimination of these individuals and would actually help in creating a higher acceptance rate for those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. According to a survey that was conducted, LGBT individuals who are trying so hard to hide their identity in the workplace environment, ended up experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety which led them to have health issues and complaints in the workplace. Therefore, if the business were LGBT friendly, then it would result in a better and increased job satisfaction, lower the health risks for these individuals, there would be a greater work commitment with these individuals, and also create a better relationship between the co-workers and the supervisors that these individuals work with on a daily basis.

It would also help to benefit them from any legal lawsuits that many business have been through when it comes to this type of discrimination, and would help to improve the health insurance cost for these businesses because the LGBT community would be dealing with less stress and anxiety. It is important, for the economy, if these workplaces will change their view on who a person loves, that way they could save themselves a lot of lost time and money that they are flushing down the drain at the moment. Every single year the Human Right’s Campaign publishes Corporate Equality Index, which is basically viewed as a road map for the major United States businesses’ to adopt the necessary inclusive policies, the practices, as well as the benefits of the LGBT employees that work for them.

This means that in order for these businesses to receive a 100% score, these companies must have equivalent spousal and partner benefits as well as the coverage of transgender-inclusive health insurance, the proper training that is required for any and all employees, and an equal employment opportunity policy.

America is experiencing a shifting landscape in today’s society, and the best thing for the United States to do is to accept the LGBT community for who they are and to allow them to work within their working establishment. They need to focus on the skills and experience that these individuals possess when they apply with them, rather than focusing on that persons gender identity or sexual orientation.

There is a very large gap in the policies promoting equality the reality that the LGBT community has to face when it comes to the workplace. To make this easier for these individuals, it is prudent that these businesses and companies adapt the proper policies within their establishments to provide the safest, friendly, and smoothest environment for them, and any employee, to be able to work in. Even if these working establishments receive a 100% score, that still doesn’t take care of the fact that the LGBT people will still face the harassment from their fellow employees and supervisor’s. Without the proper policies in place, the LGBT community will always feel threatened wherever they work. These policies need to be adapted and set in place so that they can feel safe, protected, stress-free, and harassment-free.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Issues In The Workplace

There are many, of the LGBT community, who have to face many issues of harassment and discrimination in their places of work. Many studies have shown that there are about 15 to about 43 percent, have had to face and experience some form of harassment within the work place. The transgender community actually have experienced up to 90 percent of harassment in their work places, and a lot of mistreatment as well. All of these workplaces abuses have posed a very real and immediate threat to the security of the gay and transgender individuals. There are many who strongly believe, that Congress needs to quickly pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, so that every individual in the work force, are only judged on their skills, their quality of their work, and their qualifications to do the job, rather than on their sexual orientation. There are many workplaces who are, in fact, only judging these individuals by their gender identity and sexual orientation, and they are not focusing any of their attention on how well these individuals can and will perform their job.

There have been many controlled experiments performed in the workplace, and it is now known that there is many evidence to prove that the harassment and discrimination does exist within these places. Many of the managers in these places of business who receive applications from any individual who is known as gay, they will refuse to hire them, even with a lot of experience, and choose individuals who are straight even if they do not obtain all of the experience required. Transgender individuals experience much more harassment and discrimination, than the gay and lesbian communities experience. These transgender individuals were refused jobs, were also denied any type of beneficial promotions, and were even fired when the employer found out that they were in fact transgender. Behind a numerous amounts of these statistics, there are many heartbreaking stories of American individuals who were losing their jobs every day based upon their characteristics, rather than the ability and experience of the work that they accomplish.

There are many in the LGBT community who let it shine out about who they are and this causes them to be confident with themselves and progress in a great way in the business that they work within. However, there are many who remain inside of the closet because they are not shown the proper respect and the proper treatment at their job because of who they are. If a business that hires individuals not according to their skin color or sexual preference, than that business stands to prosper in a great way and be able to build more. However, those who are prejudice against skin color and sexual orientation are less likely to be able to grow in their company. The opportunities can be completely endless for any business who will promote diversity, however, it takes some time to get to that point because it will not happen over night, of course.

So, it stands to reason that if companies would hire based on the qualifications of the individual, rather than the sexual orientation of the individual, then these companies can be changed and prosper from these individuals from the experience that they have. The issues in the workplace that the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals have to face each and every day, are not going to help the business field, and it will not help the world to grow stronger.