A Brief Summary of Kim Davis’ Role in Same Sex Marriage

People who are looking for a brief summary of Kim Davis’ role in same sex marriage may be surprised at how comparatively minor her role really was. Gay marriage is the law of the land in the United States. People have been working to make it a reality for song long that it seems like a dream come true that it actually is legally available in the United States. People like Kim Davis appear to have no power at all in the face of the success of the gay rights movement. However, it should be noted that there are still plenty of people like her today, and that it is important to recognize the damage that they can still do, even from their comparatively limited vantage points.

Kim Davis is a government employee, or was when she did first become infamous. Kim Davis was the county clerk of Rowan County in Kentucky. It was her job to sign marriage licenses, among other things. She decided to stage her own veritable protest by not signing the marriage licenses for the gay couples who had recently gotten married, largely because she does not believe that their relationships deserve to be honored in the same way as those of straight couples.

Her miniature protest has made her famous, but it hasn’t had any long-term consequences for anyone but her. Even many of the people who agree with her politics did very little to help her when she was being attacked verbally and in other ways as the word of her actions managed to get out. The fact that the public was overwhelmingly against Kim Davis helps to illustrate just how much of a success the gay rights movement has been, and just how difficult it is going to be for the Kim Davis clerks of the world to try to turn back the clock. They’re going to need to do more than just refuse to sign a few marriage licenses in a way that manages to merit some notice.

Many people have noticed that Kim Davis shouldn’t believe that her protest was going to even stop the gay people in question from getting married. All it did was delay the signing of their marriage licenses, and all of them are married and together today. It should be noted that the act was a political protest to her, and she did not believe that the individual gay people or their marriages mattered very much. She was trying to spread the idea that people like her could randomly decide against doing their job in the name of religious freedom. She was trying to make a political statement.

It seems that whatever political statement that Kim Davis made or tried to make has been dismissed. Gay marriage is the law of the land, and the stigma against being gay only continues to weaken each and every day. Kim Davis’s actions were a case of too little too late for her side.

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