Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Issues In The Workplace

There are many, of the LGBT community, who have to face many issues of harassment and discrimination in their places of work. Many studies have shown that there are about 15 to about 43 percent, have had to face and experience some form of harassment within the work place. The transgender community actually have experienced up to 90 percent of harassment in their work places, and a lot of mistreatment as well. All of these workplaces abuses have posed a very real and immediate threat to the security of the gay and transgender individuals. There are many who strongly believe, that Congress needs to quickly pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, so that every individual in the work force, are only judged on their skills, their quality of their work, and their qualifications to do the job, rather than on their sexual orientation. There are many workplaces who are, in fact, only judging these individuals by their gender identity and sexual orientation, and they are not focusing any of their attention on how well these individuals can and will perform their job.

There have been many controlled experiments performed in the workplace, and it is now known that there is many evidence to prove that the harassment and discrimination does exist within these places. Many of the managers in these places of business who receive applications from any individual who is known as gay, they will refuse to hire them, even with a lot of experience, and choose individuals who are straight even if they do not obtain all of the experience required. Transgender individuals experience much more harassment and discrimination, than the gay and lesbian communities experience. These transgender individuals were refused jobs, were also denied any type of beneficial promotions, and were even fired when the employer found out that they were in fact transgender. Behind a numerous amounts of these statistics, there are many heartbreaking stories of American individuals who were losing their jobs every day based upon their characteristics, rather than the ability and experience of the work that they accomplish.

There are many in the LGBT community who let it shine out about who they are and this causes them to be confident with themselves and progress in a great way in the business that they work within. However, there are many who remain inside of the closet because they are not shown the proper respect and the proper treatment at their job because of who they are. If a business that hires individuals not according to their skin color or sexual preference, than that business stands to prosper in a great way and be able to build more. However, those who are prejudice against skin color and sexual orientation are less likely to be able to grow in their company. The opportunities can be completely endless for any business who will promote diversity, however, it takes some time to get to that point because it will not happen over night, of course.

So, it stands to reason that if companies would hire based on the qualifications of the individual, rather than the sexual orientation of the individual, then these companies can be changed and prosper from these individuals from the experience that they have. The issues in the workplace that the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals have to face each and every day, are not going to help the business field, and it will not help the world to grow stronger.

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